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Stella Culinary School

Feb 5, 2021

In this episode, I give a step by step breakdown of how to make gnocchi by feel, instead of using a recipe, whether it's potato, ricotta, or pumpkin.

Then I review Anova's new Combi Oven, also known to the nerd's as the APO (Anova Precision Cooker). There's a lot to like, but a few things that can be improved upon as well. Is it worth $600? You've gotta listen to find out ... that's kinda the whole purpose of this podcast thing ...

I mean, if I gave you all the info in the podcast description, then I may as well write a blog post, but then I'd be a blogger, and ya'll know how I feel about food writers, so yeah ... I'm just gonna stop here and let you listen to the podcast. I promise you'll like it. Money back guarantee! 😉

Speaking of money back guarantee, have you checked out my Culinary Boot Camp Course yet? If not, you should! Unlike the podcast it actually costs money, but if you like the content I give away for free, then you'll love my Culinary Boot Camp & F-STEP Curriculum. But, if you don't like it, it actually does have a money back guarantee. Just like I'd never charge you for a dish you don't like, I wouldn't keep your money for a course you didn't enjoy either. You can check it out here:

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I think that's it for now! Thanks for being a part of the Stella Culinary Universe!