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Stella Culinary School

May 12, 2020

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We talk eggs, omlettes and the "French Omlette Falacy." I also walk you through how to make a classic, American style breakfast omelette (fully loaded of course). Original post by John:

Resources Mentioned

  • Jacques Pepin French Omelette Video:
  • Jamie Oliver's Omelette Video:
  • How to Make A Classic French Omelette with Geoffrey Zakarian:
  • Alton Browns Omelette Special:


... we weigh the pros and cons of sous vide turkey and poultry, how to crisp the skin on the re-therm, and alternative methods and approaches. Original question by Autumn:

"Planning to do a 14 lb spatchcocked turkey sous vide. I have it dry brining for the next 36 hours, then will cook 150F/6. I then plan to ice bath it and refrigerate until two days later when we serve it-doing it this way due to lack of fridge space. Trying to come up with the best way to retherm and obtain a crispy skin. Baking at 375 F till internal temp reaches 140 was suggested in one of the sous vide groups, but I’m trying to determine how long it will take for it to reach that temperature (so I can plan the rest of the meal accordingly). Thoughts? Also, is 375 F too low a temp? When I completely oven bake a spatchcocked turkey I usually go 425 F. Thanks!"

Resources Mentioned

  • SCS 035 | Sous Vide Cooking - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -
  • SCS 036 | Sous Vide Cooking at Home with Jason Logsdon -
  • Turkey Cooking Playlist (Including Spatchcocking) -
  • Sous Vide Beef Bourguignon -
  • Sous Vide Lamb Rack -
  • Sous Vide Chicken Breast -
  • Chef Jacob's Sous Vide Temperature Guide PDF -


... I answer the following questions:

Mark C. via E-mail

"Hey chef! Glad to see you’re back doing the podcast again. Hope this e-mail finds you well. I had a quick question about pizza yeast. My wife picked some up from the store the other day because they didn’t have anything else. We made some white sandwich bread, and the loaf came out pretty dense. We’ve made this particular recipe quite a few times in the past without any issues. On further examination of the packet, it says specifically not to use for bread baking.  What’s going on? I thought yeast was yeast. Why would you need a different yeast for pizza than bread dough. Thanks! Mark C."


  • Bread Baking Video Index -

Kevin via SCFB -

"Question about tangzhong in bread. Could it replace fat in recipe? Where the fat isn't used for flavor or maybe a way to reduce the fat content in recipes? Seems like tangzhong provides similar affect to the final loaf as the fat. Anyone attempted this? Google wasn't any help."

David | Plum Blossom Water |

"I was in my garden today, quite despondent over the looming threat of two nights of temperature going below 30F. I’m not worried about the veggies, as they can be covered. I’m worried about my fruit trees. This is the first year I’ve had blossoms on my pear trees, and one of my plum trees decided to blossom this year as well. These trees are simply too big to cover, and probably too expensive as well. So I was wondering. The plum blossoms have an intoxicating aroma. Intoxicating is good. I’ve heard of making rose water, and orange blossom water. Does anyone have experience in making orange blossom water? I don’t think I have enough blossoms on the tree ghis year, but maybe next?"


  • Make Shift Distiller Using a Pot |


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  • Graham for helping Pamela troubleshoot her Sweedish Meatball recipe, by posting a recipe of his own: