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Stella Culinary School

Jan 9, 2021

Earlier today I jumped into our Facebook group on a whim to do a live stream and say hi. What was intended to be a few minutes of awkwardly waving at the camera before signing off turned into a pretty good time!

Some of the main topics discussed:

  • Do you really need to salt your pasta water, and why I don't allow my cooks to do it in the restaurant!
  • The controversy over hollandaise NOT being a mother sauce, and how we pick up the pieces of our broken hearts in the aftermath.
  • My new favorite way to cook a tri-tip (it's really simple & fast).
  • And how I lost 70+ pounds eating French toast!

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The above course includes 8+ hours of classroom lecture videos, my written F-STEP Curriculum in e-book form, and some fun bonuses too.

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Happy New Year!