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Stella Culinary School

Feb 23, 2018

Listener voicemail questions on cooking and baking are answered! You can leave your own voicemail by calling 775-204-8389, or by following this link. Don't forget to sign up for the e-mail newsletter, join our Stella Culinary Facebook Group, and leave me a rating and review in Apple Podcast.

4:03 - "How to convert a basic baguette recipe to a rice flour baguette for Vietamese style bahn mi sandwiches."

8:29 - Colin asks "When increasing the amount of salt in a brine to shorten the brining time, do you need to increase the other ingredients in the brine, and what affect does that have on the flavor and texture of the meat"

16:21 - Harman from Belgium asks "What are some other oils I can use instead of canola oil, within a reasonable price range, if I'm concerned with the health effects of canola."

20:18 - John asks "How can I take the standard fresh, egg pasta recipe, and incoroporate other flavors such as herbs, spinach, asperagus, vegetable juices, purees, etc."

26:50 - Henry from South Carolina asks "How can I bake an artisan sourdough boule if I don't have a dutch oven."

34:24 - Len asks "Non Stick Vs. Stainless Vs. Enamel Clad - Which one should I use."

37:16 - Pedro from Brazil asks "How do I scale a sourdough bread recipe to make a large batch with multiple loaves."