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Stella Culinary School

Jan 29, 2021

This episode goes off the rails quite a bit, but still turned out great, which I know you expect nothing less. We really hit our flow about 28 minutes in, once I figured out that the comments, ONCE AGAIN, were not loading properly!

In this episode, we talk:

  • About crypto currencies and how it will affect restaurant profit margins in the future.
  • The biggest mistake people make when designing their home kitchens.
  • How to create juicy, tender meats for stir fries.
  • Why we use oils when sweating aromatics.
  • Why I would never do a cooking competition.
  • And finally, why I think food writers are parasites unworthy of respect. But I make my case in such a charming fashion, I'm certain there's no way I offended anyone, especially food writers.

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